Colonial Band



There is a $60 band fee to provide proper equipment to care for emergency instrument needs, along with sheet music copies and music stands.

If you are new to bandWELCOME! Here are a few things you should know:
Listed below are the Instruments you may choose between. I allow my students to choose the instrument that they fall in love with, or what they have the most interest in. I give the student until Christmas- if by then the student feels they should or want to switch instruments, they MUST come and tell me before switching. Again,the students will have the same instrument until Christmas. If it is not a musical match, the student is able to switch at Christmas time. Not before or after! 

  • Flute

  • Oboe

  • Clarinet

  • Bass Clarinet

  • Bassoon (I suggest you start with Clarinet)

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Tenor Saxophone

  • Baritone Saxophone

  • Trumpet

  • French Horn

  • Trombone

  • Euphonium/Baritone

  • Tuba (I suggest you start with trumpet)

  • Percussion

If you are aveteran to band:
I encourage you to stick with your instrument from last year. You will continue to grow in talent and love for music!


This year you WILL NOT bring your own music stands they will be available for you at the Academy. These will be  music stands that are kept at the Academy and used throughout each band class/performance. Also, all of the professional copyrighted music will be available and printed for you.

- 1 Black 3 ring binder
- Sheet protectors 
- Book 1 and 2 "Standard book of Excellence" for your specific instrument

standard of ex.jpg